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Date: 2024-06-12

What If I Invested Crypto Calculator

Using this tool you can calculate what your profit would be if you invested

on the date
  • BTC at its lowest on this date was sold for $2419.23 each
  • It's currently being sold for $6071.81 each
  • $100.00 would have yeilded you 0.04133547 quantity of BTC on 2017-07-01
  • You would have made a profit of $150.98 that is 250.98% of ROI!
  • HODL Time Required: 6 years 11 months 11 days
  • Net Total of $250.98

Getting In Early With Crypto

The "crypto" world is basically made up of one main "coin" / "token" (Bitcoin), with a plethora of "altcoins" which provide complimentary functionality to the main.

Whilst Bitcoin is definitely an effective solution, it does have a number of potential issues in the form of the likes of problems with anonymity and issues with its underlying protocols.

The underpin to all of this is that if you're looking at getting into the "crypto" game, the only way you're able to make any money from it is by buying the various "coins" / "tokens" when they're inexpensive, and selling them when they gain in price.

To this end, one of the most resounding ways to achieve any sort of profit with the "crypto" world is to basically look at the various coins that are trading below their market value, buy them and then "hold" until the price increases.

It's very similar to the stock market, except for one crucial difference - "crypto" tokens have very limited intrinsic value. This has caused contention in the "investment" community, with many institutional investors claiming the system to be a "scam".

This tutorial is going to examine the facts from the fiction...

How To Make Money With Crypto

The underpin of the "crypto" world is that if you're looking to "make money" from it, you have to appreciate that if you're looking at actually turning a profit from the "crypto" world, the only way to do it is by buying the "coins" low and selling them "high".

The reason for this is that - unlike stocks/shares - the "crypto" world is full of "coins" that do very little in terms of an economic/fiscal capacity. In other words, stocks/shares earn dividends and are tied to actual asset-bases that generate revenue. Crypto tokens are not.

This is known as "intrinsic value" in the investment community. Intrinsic value is essentially how much an asset/commodity is *actually* worth - if the world was in the grips of a zombie apocalypse. Obviously, stocks/shares are really "tokens of production", meaning they have a real world value regardless of the "currency" they are traded for.

"Crypto" tokens are not tied to any underlying asset-base and do not have any real value in the wider world. They have a very narrow scope of value - through the lens of providing people with a way to actually exchange with others via a decentralized payments network.

However, unlike the majority of users who don't really care about how the system works (they only want to make money from an arbitrage on the price), once you realize what the purpose of the "crypto" systems actually is, you'll typically find that in order to earn any money from them, you will have to identify any of the underlying problems that it may have.

Thus, the only real way to make any money with the "crypto" space is to buy the "coins" when their price is low, and sell them when their price is high...

ICO's etc

Whilst there are many ways to get low-priced "crypto" tokens (most particularly from "mining"), one of the best ways is with an ICO.

ICO's are "initial coin offerings", which are basically a way for companies/developers to create a new "coin" where others can "buy" it at a reduced price. As with IPO's in the real world, the purchasing of the coins is going to lead to their growth in the price - which essentially allows users to make a profit on their growth.

The problem with this strategy is that if you're looking at the "coins" from the perspective of having to make profit from their gains, you need to be able to identify any of the ones that will be picked up by the wider public. This is what happened to Bitcoin, and it made a lot of people very wealthy.

If you're looking at getting the most out of the "crypto" market, you basically need to look for any of the coins that have the capacity to grow, and ultimately allowing you to get the most out of the system with the greatest reward...