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Profit calculator?
How to calculate future profit probability?
How does one calculate profit on penny stock like prices, such as XRP?
Date: 2024-06-12
Why Do I Need This?
Lets face it, math isn't for everyone. Dollar cost average, Expense Ratios, Yields, Returns, Inflation, Volitality there are so many terms you would have to familiarize yourself with to get upto speed. The goal behind this site is to keep things simple and have fun while doing it. Sure a spreadsheet could accomplish these functions with 100% accuaracy but the ease of getting that done is out of reach for many.
Calculating Profit
Here is a great example of someone looking for a calculator to project what dollar value his crypto would have to reach before he earns a specific profit amount of $30. This is the general idea behind the Moon Scale system I've created.

Scenario Based Crypto Calculator
This can be projected with ease, Lets say 0.05BTC has the value of $500. You could use the Is It Too Late To Invest? tool found on the toolbar. For the first value you would enter in $50 and the second figure would be $500 and click the process button. It will return your estimated profit if the value of the coin continued to rise.

Fractions, Ratios and Crypto
Like I said before Math isn't easy for everyone. Think about it, when was the last time you had to memorize a phone number? We're all spoiled with the luxuries the future has brought. This is no different, getting the answer you're looking for quickly can be done here using one of the many tools of

Question/Need: "Does anyone know a website where i can put in my buy price/sell price and it calculates my profits/loss with real time price?"

Answer/Feature: Cryptocurrency Calculator App - My Moon Coin

Question/Need: I am new to Bitcoin and would like to know how to calculate the amount of profit made when Bitcoin rises. With stocks a point is equal to $1 and I am required to pay the full value of the stock so calculating profit when the stock rises is very easy. Right now, 1 Bitcoin is worth $11059.51 however I am allowed to invest less money for a small piece of it. I can invest $100, $500, or any amount less than what Bitcoin is worth. I am confused on how to calculate profit. If Bitcoin rises and to $20000.00, and I have only invested $100, how much profit will I make? Is there any easy way to calculate the actual profit of Bitcoin rising when someone invests in a small piece of it rather than buying 1 Bitcoin? Thanks for your help.

Answer/Feature: Profit or Loss Calculator

Question/Need: If I know the exchange rate, how can I calculate the value of some amount bitcoins in my native currency?
Answer/Feature: Currency Converter